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Customer Testimonials

Here what our clients have to say about traveling with Salt & Wind…

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"Salt & Wind curated a thorough, thoughtful, unique itinerary with no detail overlooked. From meeting local artists to tasting street food, I left with a newfound respect for this region of Mexico.

Team Salt & Wind is knowledgeable, prepared, and accommodating. I'd recommend this group travel experience to anyone looking to travel off the beaten path."

- Sophie E.

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“We booked one of Salt & Wind’s first trips down to Mexico and had a blast. The trip exceeded our expectations and was the perfect mix of big city and small towns that we never would have known about or been able to discover on our own. 

The staff had clearly done their homework on the areas we visited and took us to several local finds. They were
super knowledgeable about the history of everywhere we went as well as up and coming trends in the area. 

The planning and logistics were also well thought out. Highly recommended!”

- Chris L.



"Salt & Wind exceeded my every expectation by offering insider's access to Baja California. I have been a strict vegetarian for almost 30 years and I can truly say that, for the first time ever, I didn't need to open one protein bar. The staff went out of their way to ensure I was included, full, and happy at every meal.

In addition to the food, we explored local craft beer, markets, vineyards, boutiques, and even an art gallery where I scored a piece from an emerging local artist! I was so impressed with this Salt & Wind trip; I can't wait to book my next group travel experience. I know every detail will be taken care of so I can just pack, show up and have an amazing experience."

- Trina A.



“Went on a Salt & Wind group trip to Mexican wine country and had so much fun. My husband and I are big wine people but had never been to the Valle. We read about it in Sunset mag and didn't really want to go through the hassle of planning a trip there ourselves so looked into going with a group. We're not really big group travelers so it was a bit of gamble for us but we found the group to be intimate enough that we didn't feel like we were some touristy group running around.

Frankly, we thought that the fact they had three team members (a photographer, a concierge, and the host) would be a bit too much for us but it was really nice.
It felt more like we were hanging with our friends than being lead around by a tour guide.

- Michele A.

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"As a Californian I've been to Mexico countless times, but never stopped in Tijuana or wine country and probably never would have had I not joined Salt & Wind. They opened my eyes to the incredible food and wine just across the border. I'm grateful to Team Salt & Wind for showing me more of Mexico. I'll be back with friends!!"

- Nicole C.


"Traveling to Mexico with Salt and Wind was amazing. They introduced us to sites and tastes just south of San Diego that not many visitors get to see. The taco and beer crawl through Tijuana was my fave but, honestly, the entire trip was incredible. A++!"

- Taber G.



“We've traveled to Italy a ton (have even to the very places on this trip) so we weren't sure how different this would be from our previous trips. Turns out it was a total surprise because the trip showed us parts that we didn't even really pay attention to before.

Our favorite part was that the trip just felt so turnkey. We just showed up and were able to just enjoy instead of thinking about every detail. Normally, we're the friends in our group who do all the planning from the reservations to driving directions so it was refreshing to take a break from that. The way Jackie and Aida arranged everything felt really well paced. We had a good amount of free time, no morning started too early, and every day felt packed without being overwhelming. 

Traveling to these places with Salt & Wind made us feel like we got a crash course.
We now feel like we could go back to the area and would know where to go, what to do, and what to explore. Plus the Salt & Wind team introduced us to many locals so we got a peek into their everyday lives and some of their insider knowledge.“

- Marianne L.