About Salt & Wind Travel

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Helping You Taste The World!

Salt & Wind Travel is a boutique travel company for the discerning food and lifestyle traveler. Through our inspiring social media, our curated editorial content, and our travel planning services, we provide you with the resources to travel in good taste.

Salt & Wind is not for the one-city-a-day, selfie stick-wielding tourist. Our services are for the traveler who wants to dig deeper and get the inside scoop. For the explorer who wants to experience classic gems worth their weight as well as just-opened hotspots to discover what the culture of a destination 100% unique.

Founded by food and travel expert, Aida Mollenkamp in 2015, the company is owned by Aida and filmmaker and travel expert, Kristen Kellogg. 

Our deep expertise in a few locations — California, Mexico, Italy, France, and Spain — means our recommendations are quality. Each destination is meticulously researched, each travel partner handpicked, and each activity personally planned, to show you the people, tastes, and sights that make these regions deliciously unique.

You deserve to make the most of your vacation — our travel services do the work for you so you can focus on being in the moment. Be it custom food tours, exclusive restaurants reservations, hands-on cooking classes, or private wine tastings – if it’s related to food, we’re here to help you make it happen. To get started, check out our full list of travel planning services or join one of our group trips!