Why Travel With

Salt & Wind?

Inspiring…relaxing...unique…seamless…memorable. These are just a few ways our guests describe Salt & Wind food travels.

We’re committed to boutique travel because it means quality on an intimate scale. Be it small artisanal producers, family-owned restaurants, boutique hotels, or locally-owned businesses, we’re always looking for ways to make our trips be a reflection of a region’s terroir or sense of place.

And the fact we concentrate on the specific regions of Mexico, Italy, Spain, and France? Well that means we know our partners and the area well! Read on for our travel philosophy or read our guest testimonials to see what past travelers have to say.



The Salt & Wind Philosophy


Our first love is food so that is the focus of our trips. But you can’t get really know a place on food alone so each trip mixes in some culture, tours, shopping, and fun so you see all the things that make a destination unique.


Our boutique group trips have a minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 guests so you won’t be alone yet you won’t feel like you're ever actually on a group trip!


Salt & Wind travelers have the common bond of a love for food and culture. They’re active, curious, and they want to dig deeper to discover all that makes a destination delicious.


Skip all the hassle (and risk!) of planning a trip on your own. We do the research, vetting, scheduling, and planning so all you have to do is pack your bags and get ready to explore!


The Salt & Wind Team is a mix of food and travel professionals who take hospitality seriously! We lead group travel experiences to countries we know inside and out, having lived or worked in each and every place.


Our relationships and experience working in these areas means we can get discounts and pass those on to you. To be honest, every trip we run would cost you a multiple of what we sell it for if you were to plan it a la carte. 


Our trips are like a well-planned party with quality quests and food. We invite to that mix our favorite locals, be they tour guides, food experts, and travel professionals so you get an authentic look into a destination.


Our goal is to provide unparalleled but very much unfussy service. From our concierge to our host, our team is here to make your travel experience a total joy. 


Our team personally vets every experience so you know they’ll be quality, yet we also vary our itineraries from trip-to-trip so each trip experience is unique.


Truth is many travel companies' leaders can't speak the language where they lead trips! At Salt & Wind Travel, language skills are a given as it’s the only way to really connect with locals in some of the places we travel!


Exclusive reservations, private driver, curated events, boutique accommodations, a photographer, and a concierge? You'll be rolling in style.


From premium private car service to luxury boutique hotels and even down to the tour guides, we work with partners who have exacting standards so you get the most for your money.

“We booked one of Salt & Wind’s trips down to Baja California, Mexico and had a blast. The trip exceeded our expectations and was the perfect mix of big city and small towns that we never would have known about.

The staff had clearly done their homework on the areas we visited and took us to several local finds. They were knowledgeable about the history of everywhere we went as well as up and coming trends in the area. The planning and logistics were also well thought out. Highly recommended!”

- Chris L.

We’re Destination Specialists

World Map Floral.jpg

Destination Specialists. Deep Knowledge. Local Connections.

We believe the best travel planners are those who know a place really well. As in speak the language, work there regularly, and have expertise in everything from the local food to history and culture.

For that reason we specialize in a few specific places, namely, California, Hawaii, Mexico, Italy, France, and Spain.

Why these destinations? They all have a deep sense of place, vibrant food culture, strong creative scenes, and unique local makers — the very things we believe that makes a destination magical. While all the Salt & Wind staff is familiar with each of our destinations, we have certain team members act as experts in the various destinations.

While all the Salt & Wind staff is familiar with each of our destinations, we have certain team members act as experts in the various destinations. Whether you join a group trip or have us plan a custom itinerary for you, you’ll be partnered with the team member who knows that place best.