Santa Barbara Trips Starting 2018

One of our all-time favorite kinds of travel? Road tripping. Especially when it's here in our home state of California. That's why Salt & Wind trips are heading to Santa Barbara in Spring 2018. 

Yes, yes, Santa Barbara is nicknamed the "American Riviera" and has a posh and preppy rep to go with it. But that's seriously just one chapter in the story. It's also ground zero for California's Central Coast and perfect place to explore everywhere from wine country to old country towns.

During this quick weekend trip, we're going to get after it, going from a coveted artisanal bakery to classic ice cream shops as well as some beach time and a stop at a legendary biker bar with some of the best barbecue in California. And, we'll be hanging with locals like an expert uni diver to a Master Sommelier who can give you the intel on the Santa Barbara wine scene.  

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